300W Titanium Aquarium Heater System – WiFi – Bulk Reef Supply/Ink Bird



The Bulk Reef Supply Titanium Aquarium Heater System is a complete temperature control system that includes a virtually unbreakable titanium heating element paired with an Inkbird ITC-306a Wi-Fi Aquarium Temperaturere Controller which sets new standards in safety and reliability. The heater controller includes two large LCD displays for an instant readout of your tank’s temp, and features an App that can push Wi-Fi notifications should anything be amiss. The controller also features dual power relays and dual temperature probes to prevent failures. The outlet dongle has two outlets, allowing for control of two heating elements, which can create another level of redundancy in your system.


Precise Digital Readout
Dual Heater Control
Easy to Calibrate
Robust Titanium Heating Element
Fully Submersible Elements
Simple Suction Cup Mounting System
3-Year Heater Element Warranty
Dual power relays ensure reliable function
Dual temp probes for redundant temp verification
App notifications
Plug & Play

Why Titanium?

Compared to glass heaters, titanium heaters are virtually unbreakable and will never shatter in your aquarium and can conduct heat through the body much quicker, ultimately making them more efficient. In most cases when a glass heater fails, the failure-prone seals will go bad allowing water into the heater body and can start to corrode the contents inside the heater causing water contamination and possible electric shock, or the body will just shatter leaving glass particles throughout your aquarium. Titanium heating elements take both of those risks and virtually eliminate them by having a shatterproof body along with welded end caps for a life-time of operation.

Controller Specifications

Control Range: 68°F – 95°F
Display Resolution: 1°F
Input Power: 120VAC @ 60Hz
Max Output Power: 10 amps @ 120VAC
Outlet Dongle Length: 12″
Power Cord Length: 60″
Temp Probe Length: 6.56 ft (2m)
Warranty: 1 Year

What’s Included?

1x Inkbird ITC-306a Wi-Fi Aquarium Temperature Controller
1x BRS Titanium Aquarium Heater Element (1200w kit includes two heating elements)
1x BRS Heater Suction Cup Mounting Kit (1200w kit includes two suction cup mounting kits)
1-Year Heater Controller Warranty
3-Year Heater Element Warranty

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