Brightwell Aquatics MicroBacter Start XLM 125ml



Microbacter QuickCycl & Microbacter Start XLM

Fishless cycling is a far superior method of cycling an aquarium, as it does not risk any livestock and provides a consistent and controlled source of nutrients for the bacteria to multiply and colonize new rock. Microbacter Start is a highly concentrated bioculture for rapidly cycling new aquariums. QuickCycl contains the ideal concentration of ammonium chloride along with phosphates and nitrates to feed the bacteria involved in establishing the nitrogen cycle in your tank.

A successful cycle also depends on regular testing of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate to determine progress. We recommend having all of these tests on hand prior to starting your cycle.

Microbacter Clean

After the initial cycle, regular use of the included Microbacter Clean will assist in maintaining water quality and may help to reduce the “ugly stage” during the first several months as the tank matures.

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