Korallen-Zucht – Amino Acids Concentrate



Unique solution of combined amino acids and additional elements which promote the vitality and health of corals

Promotes quicker tissue regeneration in injured corals
Increased growth, even for corals positioned in low light areas
Maximizes polyp extension
Helps SPS produce their slime coat which provides improved protection from predators and handling
Provides a nutrition source for otherwise hard to keep corals that require additional attention

Amino Acid Concentrate will aid coral vitality and growth. Internal KZ tests have shown growth increase by as much as 100%, even in low light situations where that would otherwise be extremely difficult.

Recommended daily dose is 1 drop per 25 gallons. As with dosing most amino acids, it is difficult to overdose in a way that would harm the corals but overdosing may lead to an increase in brown slime algae. If you notice this, decrease dose to 1/3 until slime dissipates.

Additional information

Weight N/A

50ml, 100ml

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