PSK SDC 1200 Controllable DC Skimmer Pump (317 GPH) – Sicce



New Generation of Controllable SDC Protein Skimmer Pumps

Sicce pumps are used worldwide and have always been known for producing high-quality pumps. Now Sicce has introduced the SDC line of pumps that incorporate their quality standards into a DC powered pump.

Because Sicce’s new PSK SDC 1200 matches the same design and size of the popular traditional Sicce PSK 1200, this pump can be a simple and immediate upgrade to any protein skimmer currently equipped with a PSK 1200 or similar pump.

With this upgrade, you can easily adjust the rates of air and water flow through your skimmer via the included controller, or connect it to your IOS or Android device for enhanced controls, alerts, and customizations. With such a variable pump, you’ll be able to tune your skimmer’s performance to match your tank’s bioload for optimal waste removal.


WiFi Control Enabled
New voice controls via Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa
New Post Blackout Feature to avoid overflow when electricity is restored
New ability to control via Smart Watch
Submersible & Inline Use
5 Year Warranty
Silent Operation

Controllable Smart Flow

The Sicce SDC pumps have a capacitive controller that lets you fine tune the flow through the pump, as well as built in WiFi, so you can control the pump from anywhere in the world after downloading the free ContrALL app for your IOS or Android device. Through your phone or even smartwatch, you can access 5 different pre-set modes which are 100% customizable.

Built-In WiFi
Free IOS/Android App
Control via phone or smartwatch
New Voice Commands
5 Pre-Set Flow Modes
10 Minute Pause
7 Hour ECO mode
To download the FREE Sicce ContrALL app for iOS devices – Click Here

To download the FREE Sicce ContrALL app for Android devices – Click Here

Silent Operation

Sicce has been known for producing extremely quiet pumps, but the SDC is on a whole new level. Each SDC has a polished ceramic shaft and bearings that are held to tighter tolerances that promote a much smoother function, minimizing any possible vibration. Sicce’s newly redesigned rubber feet further help reduce noise from all sides of the pump.

Heat Reduction

Sicce has a proprietary hydraulic design for their SDC pumps that helps relieve the heat, along with high-quality components that go into every pump. They also have forced internal recirculation that helps promote less heat transfer.


Dimensions: 3.2″L x 3.3″W x 4.5″H

Outlet: 3/4″ GAS

Power Consumption: 46W Max (w/only water) / 38W Max (w/venturi)

Min-Max Air: 400 – 1200 lph / 105 – 317 gph

Voltage: 24V DC

Warranty: 5 Year

Use: Submerged and In-line

What’s Included?

1x PSK SDC 1200 Skimmer Pump

1x Controller

1x 24V Power Supply

4x Rubber Feet

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
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