Reef Octopus Skimmer Collection Cup Lid



Replacement Lid for a Reef Octopus Skimmer Collection Cup
Replacement collection cups are available for the following Reef Octopus protein skimmers:

CC-LID-110: CLSC-110SSS(red)
CC-LID-120: NWB-110, CLSC-110INT, DNWB-110(red), CLSC-110EXT (red), SRO-1000int (black), XP-1000int (white)
CC-LID-150: NWB-150, CLSC-150INT, DNWB-150(red), CLSC-150EXT (red), SRO-2000int, DCS-150 (black), POV-DC1, XP-1000SSS (white), CLSC-150SSS (red)
CC-LID-160: Diablo/XS-160 (red), CLSC-160INT (red)
CC-LID-170: SRO-2000ext (black) Diablo DCS-170int (red)
CC-LID-180: XP-2000int (white)
CC-LID-200: NWB-200, CLSC-200INT, DNWB-200, CLSC-200EXT, DCS-200int(red), SRO3000int (black), XP-2000sss, POV-DC2, XP2000ext (white), DB-XS200 (red), CLSC-202S
CC-LID-220: XP-3000int , XP-3000sss, POV-DC3(white), XP-3000ext (red), SRO3000sss (black)
CC-LID-250: NWB-250, CLSC-250INT, DNWB-250, CLSC-250EXT, DCS-250int, XP-5000ext, RDCS-250ext (red), SRO-5000sss, XP-5000int (white) SRO 5000 (black)
CC-LID-300: TDNW300, SRO-6000sss , SRO-6000ext (black), RDCS-300ext (red)

Additional information

Weight N/A

Lid 120 Black (SRO-1000int), Lid 120 Red (NWB-110, CLSC-110INT, DNWB-110, CLSC-110EXT), Lid 150 Black (Diablo DCS-150, SRO-2000int), Lid 150 Red (NWB-150, CLSC-150INT, DNWB-150, CLSC-150EXT, CLSC-150SSS), Lid 170 Black (SRO-2000EXT), Lid 170 Red (Diablo DCS-170int), Lid 200 Red (NWB-200, CLSC-200int, DNWB-200, CLSC-200EXT, Diablo DCS200int, Diablo XS-200, CLSC-202S), Lid 250 Black (SRO-5000INT), Lid 250 Red (NWB-250, CLSC-250INT, DNWB-250, CLSC-250EXT, DCS-250int, XP-5000ext, RDCS-250ext), Lid 250 White (SRO-5000sss, XP-5000int), Lid 300 Black (TDNW300, SRO-6000sss , SRO-6000ext)

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