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Ink Bird’s ITC-306a represents new heights of functionality and safety with multi-layer protection and built-in Wi-Fi communication.

The easy to program temperature controller lets you connect up to two heaters to keep your aquarium’s temperature super stable. The dual-screen LCD display lets you easily see the controller’s setpoint along with the actual temperature of the aquarium. Programming the controller only takes a minute and doesn’t require any special programming knowledge to get it right.


Dual power relays ensure reliable function
Dual temp probes for redundant temp verification
App notifications
Plug & Play
Dual Heating element Control
Works great with BRS Titanium Heating Elements

Redundant Protection Built-In

The temperature controller is equipped with 2 power relays to ensure that the power can be turned off under any circumstances. This means extra peace of mind that your aquarium is safe from your heater failing on. The ITC-306a also includes dual temperature probes, and the controller monitors and compares the probe readings for any disparities. This provides protection against a failed or inaccurate probe, and if the difference between the probes goes over 5°F, the controller will alarm and send an alert to your mobile device.

App Notifications

Pair the aquarium temperature controller with your phone via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, and the controller will push notifications to the app on your mobile device if the temperature falls outside of your set range by more than 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Control up to 1,200 Watts of Heating Elements

The 306a Aquarium Temperature Controller can handle up to 10 amps of current which is equivalent to 1200 Watts with a supply voltage of 120 volts. The 1200 Watt maximum output can be split between the two outlets allowing you to plug two smaller heaters into each plug, or a single larger heater into just one of the plugs. We highly suggest using two smaller heaters, which has multiple advantages over a single larger heater.


Control Range: 68°F – 95°F
Display Resolution: .1°F
Input Power: 120VAC @ 60Hz
Max Output Power: 10 amps @ 120VAC
Outlet Dongle Length: 12″
Power Cord Length: 60″
Temp Probe Length: 6.56 ft (2m)
Warranty: 1 Year

What’s Included?

1x ITC-306a Wi-Fi Aquarium Temperature Controller

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
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